Spray Chlorination Bottle (Single Jet)

£15.50 + Vat

1 litre capacity

Add one PR1000 Instachlor tablet to produce 1000 ppm (1000mg / litre)

Sodium Hypochlorite safety label printed on bottle

For localized spray chlorination

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1 Litre Spray Chlorination Bottle (Single Jet)

1 litre capacity – simply mix with 1No PR1000 Instachlor tablet for 1000 ppm (mg/l) chlorine solution

An essential piece of equipment for samplers and mains / service layers

Outlet has cranked tube to assist directing the solution and a cap to prevent accidental spillage

Sodium hypochlorite warning label on bottle

For localized spray chlorination

PR 1000 Instachlor tablets also available

Tip: Leave the cap off while the tablet is dissolving – this prevent the solution spurting out

H&S Warning – Please be familiar with the COSHH Data Sheet / COSHH Assessment for all chemicals prior to use


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