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The most accurate and reliable system for recording pipeline commissioning activities

Activities are recorded using GPS coordinates

Pressure test results at the “press of a button”


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Using an iPhone or similar device, users follow the intuitive screens entering relevant data. GPS coordinates are recorded for each activity and record photographs are taken (GPS location is recorded with each photograph); ideal for recording instrument displays such as chlorometers / turbidity meters and it is particularly useful for recording the condition of swabs upon removal and any detritus found in a pipeline etc.

The market leading system calculates PE and DI pressure test results instantly. There is no need to waste time transporting data loggers for third parties to interpret results – or waiting for data to be remotely analysed. The system works 24 hours a day / 365 days a year.

All information entered on site can be viewed online by account holders – therefore providing almost real time viewing of site based activities.

Reports can be generated at the press of a button – these can then be issued to clients and Water Companies – forming the basis of the most accurate record of pipeline commissioning activities. The system records the amount of water used when swabbing, flushing, chlorinating, dechlorinating etc – particularly important information from a water company’s perspective.

The system can be used to monitor the performance of installation crews, for example; if a team is experiencing a high rate of leaking pipelines, this could highlight the need for additional monitoring and training.

twoh and “Piped” have changed a pipe dream into a reality.

For more information please visit www.pipedapp.com and www.twoh.net or contact 08450 233373.

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