High Pressure Chlorination and Dechlorination Unit

£1,900.00 + Vat

Capable of dosing into 20 bar pressure and up to 10 litre chemical dosing per hour.

1,200 litres per minute flow with 20 ppm chlorine strength.

Mitred and welded stainless steel pipework assists in static mixing of chemicals.


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Chlorination Dechlorination Portable Chemical Dosing Unit

The High Pressure Chlorination and Dechlorination Unit will cope with flows up to 1,200 litres per minute while still dosing sodium hypochlorite at 20ppm. The high quality welded stainless steel pipework is perfect for use on schemes where high pressures are encountered – up to 20 bar.

The pipework is designed to act as a static mixer, ensuring that the chemical is diluted into the water flow – especially useful at lower flows. This is an incredibly versatile and easy to use chemical dosing unit.

It comes complete with removable pressure gauge and a sample tap. It can be supplied with a lockable door if required.

The unit is housed in a bespoke, robust enclosure with a removable front – and all hoses are stored outside the cabinet; ensuring that the internal area is kept clean.

These units have proved to be tremendously reliable even when used in harsh conditions – the rubber feet prevent the cabinet getting damaged during use and transport.

As with all of our chemical dosing units – this can be used with a multitude of chemicals.



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