Chlorination and Dechlorination Flow Proportional Unit

£3,820.00 + Vat

Can chlorinate at 1,200 litres per minute flow rate at 20ppm chlorine strength.

Magflow meter with instant digital readout.

Chemical dosing rate adjusts proportionally to the flow of water through the unit.



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Flow Proportional Chlorination Dechlorination Portable Chemical Dosing Unit

This unit is fitted with a Magflow meter (electromagnetic flow meter) with an instant digital display giving accurate flow rates and total volume of water used.

Once set, the chemical dosing rate will automatically adjust proportional to the flow rate through the unit – for example, when chlorinating, as the flow rate drops as the pipeline is almost full, the dose rate for the sodium hypochlorite will also drop.

This unit is supplied with a pressure gauge and sample tap and it has a removable door which can be fitted with a lock to prevent unauthorised access. The mitred bends assist in static mixing.

The hoses and foot filters are stored in a holder outside the main enclosure – helping to keep the unit clean internally.

Dimensions – 600mm high x 790mm wide x 300mm deep – supplied with instantaneous couplers or the connections of your choice.

As with all of our chemical dosing units, the flow proportional unit has been extensively tested by Excel Commissioning Services, is compatible with a multitude of chemicals.


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