55 to 500mm Pipe Vee Clamp

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Designed to restrain and align pipe before and during the electrofusion process.

It works with pipes from 55mm to 500mm in diameter. (2” to 240”)

The tool has been designed to work with pipe sizes commonly found in mains installation.

It is available as a 2-way clamp for couplers, elbows and reducers, and as a 3-way clamp for tees.

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PE EF Electrofusion Pipe Welding Clamp

The pipe sits into a vee shape allowing all sizes of pipe to be held, including non-standard sizes.

Reducers can be clamped using a special reducer plate.

Due to the wide vee cradle and the double strap holding, these tools are specifically good at aligning coiled pipes.

The three way tool uses a special connector to allow elbows and tees to be held.

These tools are completely adjustable making them versatile for every installation.

Operating range:55mm to 500mm

Operating type:2 way straight or universal

Size:100cm x 34cm x 23cm or 110 x 51 x 28

Weight:15.6kg& 24 kg

Operating temperature:-50C to +60C

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180mm Straight, 250mm Straight, 500mm Straight, 3 Way 500mm


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