110v Direct Injection Unit

Direct Injection chemical dosing unit

Can chlorinate 1,200 litres per minute at 20 ppm

10 litre per hour dosing in up to 10 bar pressure


Purchase Price

£1,750.00 + VAT

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Chlorination Dechlorination Portable Chemical dosing Unit

The Direct Injection Chemical dosing unit is a very versatile piece of equipment. It can be used to chlorinate pipelines – it will dose at 20 ppm at 1,200 litres per minute; it can also be used to increase residual chlorine levels on distribution networks and at treatment works. Similarly, it can be used to dechlorinate pipelines following chlorination; or remove residual chlorine when flushing mains.

The cabinet can be supplied with a lockable front to prevent unauthorised access and it can be fixed in place as a permanent / semi permanent installation if required (cabinet dimensions – 410mm high x 300mm wide x 200mm deep).

These units have been extensively tested by Excel Pipelines; and they have proved to be tremendously reliable.

When used with an optional 110v battery pack, it forms a very light weight easily portable chemical dosing kit.

As with all of our chemical dosing units, it can be used with a multitude of chemicals.


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